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Virtual office in London

Virtual Office in London:

Our complete Virtual Office in London is the ideal solution for companies that want to convey a professional image but don’t have the resources to invest in full-time employees and a traditional office. Our virtual office package combines our extremely sought-after company mail forwarding address in central London and locations throughout the UK, with a skilled and experienced PA telephone response service. Our team will be your team; they are incredibly qualified and based in City Road since 1971.? We have a wealth of experience and are proud of our customers ‘ service. We comprehend how businesses function and have helped numerous customers achieve their desired objectives.

It can be very costly to set up and run a new company. Many entrepreneurs, small companies, and partnerships are unable to afford an enormous amount of cash to hire employees and premises right from the start. That’s why a solution like ours for Virtual Office is an optimal choice for those individuals who are just starting out trying to get their company off the ground. It is also an ideal solution for those business owners who do not want to be bound to pay huge overheads every month and prefer the flexibility provided by a virtual office.

Our Virtual Office package has been intended for companies looking for both a mail processing service and a call response service. Using our service can remove two of a company ‘ most costly overheads –employees and premises. You get your phone calls answered professionally, and your company mail sorted effectively, all at the price fraction it would cost you to do this yourself.

Our complete Virtual Office package will offer you the prestige of using our central London address on all of your official documentation and website as your company address. Answerpoint can receive your incoming company post where you can choose to handle it as you see fit:

  • Hold the mail for collection in person
  • Post it to the address of your choice
  • Open and scan your email and email the post to you.

This service is an excellent boost to your business as it shows you are providing great customer service and you won’t lose out on missed business opportunities if you are unable to respond to calls personally.

Our Virtual Office is an ideal solution for companies:

There are many advantages to using our Virtual Office service, not least because it allows you to dramatically reduce the cost of running your company because you won’t pay for office space, full-time employees, utility bills, business rates, and buildings insurance.  You can save cash while still maintaining an image of professionalism around your company by having a complete administrative personnel complement.

We’ve got some tremendous virtual office all-inclusive packages to choose from, and your incoming company phone calls will be responded quickly and professionally from Monday to Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. and Saturday 10 am to 4 pm. Using your business name and your selected greeting, our extremely qualified reception team will answer your calls in your company’s name exactly as it was your own staff.

Our meeting rooms in London are the full virtual office solution in the core of London, enabling you to meet your customers freely. Virtual Office in London offers the facility of virtual office address and mail forwarding service for the benefit of small businesses, home businesses and overseas businesses.