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Social media is taking the world by storm. Basically every individual –young and old- and business has an active account on at least one social media platform. With this in mind, businesses who do not have an online presence on at least one social media platform are losing.

There are several social networks that businesses can influence; depending on their service and target audience. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube are examples of social media platforms. In this technology era where most people spend a lot of time online, social media plays an important role in marketing, increasing visibility, reach and sales conversion for businesses. There are several benefits of social media for business promotion and some of them include;

Customer service

Social media lets business interact with their customers, giving them the opportunity to build a relationship with their followers through engagement. With this, brands can communicate with customers, answering their questions and offering assistance when need be.

Increased targeting

Social networks help you reach your target audience, letting you know when they are most active it also provides demographic information about your audience, helping you develop the right strategy to make sales.

Brand awareness

You can partner with an influencer whose follower base is the same s your target audience. This would increase your brand familiarity and sales.

Low advert costs

Social media is an effective and inexpensive way of reaching your target audience in a short period of time.

Promote content

Promoting your content on social media is a sure fire way to get in front of new, potential customers. For example when businesses promote their content on Instagram, they are able to reach hundreds of potential customers who may convert to sales.

Reputation management

Without being active on social media, customers are already talking about you. When your services are top notch, your customers would talk about your business and could even go as far as recommending your services to others thereby bringing in new customers.

When your services are bad, the negative would be highlighted, chasing away potential customers and dwindling your reputation. With a social media presence, you can avert such issues by drawing attention to the positive, tendering an apology when necessary and averting crisis or managing it when the situation calls for it,

Monitor the competition

Social networks help youtrack your competitors, letting you know when and how to provide services that can help you win new customers.


Social media offers the opportunity for businesses to remarket their products to potential buyers. Several people may have viewed your products and changed their minds about purchasing at the last minute. This feature lets you promote your products and services to customers who have shown an interest.

Summarily, It is important to note that different brands require different social media platforms. For example, a company that offers services would gain more customers on LinkedIn and a company that has products would fare better on Instagram and Facebook since this platforms increase visibility for your products.

At Answerpoint, we offer virtual receptionist services. Our dediated virtual PAs can handle your social media accounts, take your calls and messages and help manage your reputation.