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In business, customer satisfaction is more important than making sales. Websites and e-commerce companies are exempted from offering top notch customer services and experiences.

Live chat is a support platform which websites and other e-commerce companies use to communicate and interact with their clientele base. It is a quick and convenient response system designed to give a customer a personal experience while assisting him or her accurately. Live chat serves as a salesperson on your website, drawing in traffic and converting it into sales.

Whenever a potential customer initiates a conversation via lie web chat, he or she automatically becomes a lead. It becomes the job of the staff behind the live chat to convert that lead into a sale by answering questions aptly and convincing the customer to close the deal. There are several functions of live web chat support;

The feedback from the live chat app can be implemented into the business and used to make future decisions. This information tells you where you are going wrong and how to improve your products to retain your customers and draw in some new ones. The information can also be used to design a more detailed and effective marketing strategy to increase traffic and boost sales.

live web chat support offers 24/7 assistance for customers, aiding them whenever they need help without closing hours being a restriction. People want your feedback as soon as possible and if your support is available at any given time, your customers would appreciate the experience and engage more. This would help secure customers and bring in new ones. Even if your company has work hours, you can employ a virtual receptionist who will be available to interact with customers at all times.

Using robots as support for your live web chat would drive traffic away from your site as people crave personal one-on-one experiences and the only way around this is to put a human or two behind the live chat. If you want your live web chat support to be a success you must staff it so that people can converse with human beings, get a natural experience and even go as far as building a relationship. Letting a robot handle this very important feature on your site doesn’t show that you care for your customers and this alone is enough to send them to the next available site that would give them a personalized experience.

Live web chat support lets you see who is on your website and what they are doing. With this feature, you can initiate a conversation with the potential customer offering assistance or advice. For instance, if your customer is viewing sweatshirts, your prompt could be, “Hello, we have a wide array of sweatshirts. Would you like a thick one, a long one, etc.?”

For one reason or the other, a customer may not close the deal. With live web chat support, you could convince them with a prompt like “Hey, would you want to know more about our return policy?”

With our live web chat support at Answerpoint, you are assured professionalism from our highly trained and dedicated virtual receptionists. We understand that every visitor counts and as such, we offer top-notch services that are fast and reliable, ensuring that your visitors are confident thereby increasing your visitor conversion rate.