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How to Gain Customer Loyalty through Customer Service?

Have you ever think about why some businesses succeed while others struggle and fail? Several factors such as selling the right product, price, location, competition contribute to the success of any business.

However, customer service is equally necessary to gain customer loyalty especially for small scale businesses and startups. Let’s briefly look into what customer service and customer loyalty are.

Customer satisfaction and Customer Loyalty?

Customer service is the power or capacity of a company to supply customers’ wants and needs. Good customer service is a situation whereby an organisation or business always and consistently exceed the customer’s expectations.

Customer Loyalty is a situation whereby a customer prefers an organisation or business over others even when there is a less expensive, higher quality and more convenient alternative somewhere else.

To be able to satisfy customers and increase loyalty, you’ll need all the elements of customer service ranging from simple stuff like Telephone Answering Service, live web chat support on your website to advance elements such as return policy and return process.

The Correlation?

The connection between the two is that good Customer Service can lead to customer’s loyalty, and this can contribute immensely to the growth of your business.

Importance of Customer Service

For many reasons, good customer service is critical to every business. For example, loyal customers tend to buy more making their lifetime purchase value to be 10 times higher than their initial purchase.

Also, excellent customer service, in most industry and business, reduces the cost of acquiring new customers. This is so because getting new customers can cost between 5 to 25 times than retaining existing ones.

Besides, bad reviews can hurt a business. Following a poor customer experience, dissatisfied customers will tell many more people perhaps relatives about their experience. With the advent of social media, it’s easy to publish such news on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms.

Are Customers always Right?

Because we are humans that can err, customers (which are humans) are not always right. However, you have to treat them with the “always right” approach even when they are not because of the following reasons.

Customers make the Business

Without customers, everything seems like pitching a product to deaf hears. You’ll always want your customer to feel welcomed and appreciated. It’s disheartening that many of the “now-wealthy” businesses compromise on their customer service without factoring in that they can still lose everything.

The Business Could Sink

Displeasing your customer can sink your business. One complaint or negative review on social media can establish a poor reputation for your business on the internet. For small scale or startups, this can be like a devastating backlash to the business as a whole and may not be able to recover from the damage.

Why should Businesses follow this Notion?

Now, the golden rule is to treat your customers the way they’d like to be treated. This involves training your staff at different departments on effective customer-client relationship.

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