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Registered Address

Our registered address service is an ideal service for company directors who do not wish to display their personal home details on the companies House public database. UK law states that all limited companies must have a registered office address for all their official post from companies House, HMRC and other Government bodies.

At Answerpint our registered mail service will offer you a mail Receiving, Mail Collection and mail Forwarding Service, for both personal and business usage. This enables you to make a lasting impression on your clients or contacts with our high profile Central London address. Mail, parcels and packages of all sizes can be received and forwarded to you either on a daily or weekly basis.

If you have a limited company then you may also consider signing up to out director’s virtual address service for all your business post.

Mail Scaning

Whilst many people communicate through electronic means on a day to day basis, there are many vital documents that you may need to receive from organizations and individuals.

For this we also offer a specific mail forwarding and mail scanning service if you are expecting specific documentation that requires immediate forwarding.


Our registered mail service is simple and easy to set up. Once you have signed up, we will authorize you to use our business address instantly. You can use the address to form your limited company with Companies House. When we receive your mail, it will be processed immediately and posted to your specified address.

To keep the cost down we send out all post on weekly basis. However, if your require mail sent on daily basis or require certain post sent to you urgently then this can be arranged at an additional cost.

Our service strictly confidential, reliable and trusted.

To comply with the UK law, all our virtual office services require us to obtain two forms of proof of ID. One of the ID document must be a copy of the passport or driving license with your photo and the other must be an official letter no more than three months old displaying your current residential address.

The Benefits

  • Impress your Clients

  • Get a London presence

  • Enhanced business image

  • Keep personal details confidential

  • Receive mail anywhere

  • Choice of addresses

  • Trusted & reliable

  • Instant set-up


How quickly can you set up the virtual office service

We can set up the service within a couple of hours and you can start using the service immediately providing that we have received your payment, correct paperwork including your proof of ID.

How will I know I have received mail?

All our standard virtual office packages include free weekly mail forwarding, however, if you are expecting urgent mail and require regular mail forwarding than we can facilitate this at a small additional cost.

What is your minimum contract?

Our service is based on monthly rolling contracts, however, for convenience purposes we give you the option to chose from monthly, quarterly, 6 months or yearly options. For yearly options you can receive one month subscription free of charge.

Do you notify me when my mail arrives?

For mail forwarding service all the post is sent out automatically on weekly bases. For mail collection you will be notified by email on receipt of your post.

How do I pay for the service?

You can pay for our services in a number of ways including bank transfer, cheque, cash or by bank card.

What are your opening hours?

For our Luton address the opening hours are  Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm and Staurdays 10am to 4pm. For our London address the opening hours are Monday to Friday 9.30am to 5pm.

What is your pricing structure?

 We offer packages and payment options to suit all budgets. You can opt to go on our monthly rolling contract or for more convenience chose one of our quarterly, 6 monthly or yearly options.

What businesses use virtual office service?

We welcome all types of businesses including self employed, home workers, new business start-ups,, small to medium enterprises ( SME) and overseas residents

How will virtual office help my business?

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What proof of identification do you require to setup the virtual office?

In line with HMRC regulations we will require two forms of documents to support the identities and address verification of the directors/shareholders/named applicants. One of these documents must be a photographic ID ( passport or driving licence) and the other an official letter or a utility bill no older than three months.

Do you provide any discount or special offers?

If you chose to take the yearly service on any of our virtual office packages than we offer you one months free subscription.

Can I use the virtual office if I am an overseas resident?

We offer our service to UK and overseas residents.

How often do you forward the mail?

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